Bare Bowling Feb 12

Thanks to everyone who attended the Bare Bowling Feb 12.

It was a lot of fun, and the turn out was good, but we still have room for more. This time there were people from a wide variety of clubs including Sun Rovers, Mountaindale Sun Resort, Hidden springs Nudist, and some people not from any club. As well as potential new members! Remember that joining clubs helps each club plan fun events like this, since it helps to communicate plans as well as anticipate participation. I always enjoy the bowling because it is such a fun environment, and everyone gets to be nude. All the bowlers and even the people who are just along for the fun. Not everyone has to bowl and yet everyone still has fun. There are also fresh hot food and ice cold drinks available at the bowling facility. It also doesnt matter if you are hardly ever bowl, or if you bowl all the time. The goal is to have fun in the buff!

Remember, there is one more currently planned, – March 26th.