Login Functionality Added

Ive added the ability to register and login to the website. Right now, it does not add TOO much functionality, since most of the pages right now are for display only, but this will help with the previous addition “Comments” – since if you register, then login, – when you comment, they will appear from you.

As I add things, I think it will be possible to add pages that promote interaction and allow for exchanging ideas, and plans and other things.

some sites have “Forums” –  so that is an option – but there may be more options.

1 think I am thinking is possibly offering Club Members a customized email at this domain. – so for example, I just created zentura@hiddenspringsnudist.org that I am using as a “Test user” – but if members of hidden springs are interested in a free Email, it may be something we can do. –

I know some people prefer to be discrete while other people may want to have a place to interact easily and freely. This may be a method to bring this level of interaction to the club and its members…

Feel free to comment.

Also, feel free to try to register. – AND, if you are a member already, or interested in being a member – Feel free to Email me.