Accepting names, please Email treasurer@hiddenspringsnudist.org to register and get info.
Spring 2021 — POSTPONED for Public Saftey no new date yet

Contact Treasurer with questions about the postponement.

1.) This is a Family Friendly event – there will be non-nudist life guards, but usage of the facilities will be done in the nude.
2.) Available facilities : 25 yard lap pool, 6 lanes 3’6” – 11’6” deep 82 – 84 degrees (some lane ropes may be removed for general pool usage) , 20×40 yard hot pool 92 – 94 degrees, two saunas, two hot tubs, two steam rooms, two dressing rooms with combination lockers (the state health department restricts usage of saunas, steam rooms, or hot tubs to individuals who are ages 14 and older).
3.) There is a top limit of 50 pre-registered, pre-paid attendees, who will be required to show ID upon entrance. No weapons allowed (including pocket knives) on premises.
4.) Recommendation of two towels per attendee – one for sitting on in sauna or steam room, one for drying off.
5.) Those with disabilities barring usage of the facilities that are accompanying paid attendees and parents with very young children not using the facilities must also preregister and present ID and will be admitted without charge and are welcome to stay in the dressing room lounges or can sit in the bleachers on the pool deck.
6.) Youth Pool Requirements
• Youth age 6 and under must have a 16 year old or older in the water within arm’s reach.
• Youth ages 7-12 must have a 16 year old or older remain on the pool deck while they are in the pool.
• Youth ages 13+ may be in the pool without a parent or guardian directly on the pool deck.
There is a required ratio of not less than one parent/guardian for every five children in pool.
7.) Each person needs to sign a Liability Waiver.
COST: 18 years or older – $20 with proof of AANR or TNS membership, $25 for general adult admission with no proof of organization membership, $10 children under 18 with accompanying registered parent(s).
Location details will be provided upon preregistration and payment.
Contact treasurer@hiddenspringsnudist.org to register.