Hey, World Naked Bike Riders!

We’re the Hidden Springs nudist club, of Portland.

AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation) is our national group. AANR sponsored WNBR because we love how WNBR promotes body-positivity in a fun, community-oriented way. We want to connect with folks like you, who are looking for more ways to get naked with like-minded people.

Here’s what we do in Hidden Springs:

  • Eliminate body-shaming / Promote body-acceptance through nude recreation

  • Provide a safe community for everyone to enjoy social nudity in non-sexual settings.
  • Beach events at Rooster Rock & Sauvie Island’s nude beaches
  • Events at nudist resorts in the Northwest
  • Indoor swimming and bowling events during winter months

Our community has events on Portland’s TWO nude beaches: Rooster Rock and Collins Beach on Sauvie Island. We “adopted” both beaches through SOLVE’s “Adopt-A-River” program, where we lead several cleanup events each year. Since we’ve been doing our cleanups, the beaches have become cleaner and safer places to visit, especially for women and families. At Rooster Rock, the park rangers now accept naked people as a legitimate beach user group like any other. We even partnered with them to create our “beach cards.” The cards have nude beach etiquette tips on one side, and the other side has numbers to call if people run into difficulties with people who don’t like nudity. You can find them at the signpost at the beach trailhead.

We also go to events at nudist resorts in the Northwest. There are dinners, dances, vendors and outdoor music festivals. Local resorts feature pools, hiking trails, hot tubs, saunas, and yes, volleyball. In winter months we have indoor swimming and bowling nights at nearby venues.

Do you have an event idea and/or a venue for us to consider? Let us know!

About Nudism

So what can we do for you? Why join us?

Obviously, you like getting naked like we do! Are you looking for other places to safely be naked? Are you looking for a community to support you? You’ve come to the right place.

For 50 years Hidden Springs has been a community of people who enjoy the freedom of just being in your own skin. We don’t deny that people are sexual beings, but our society is so obsessed with sex and looking “perfect” that we’ve lost the ability to accept our bodies and just be ourselves. It’s not about looking at naked people, or having people look at you naked. Nudism is about accepting all body types, and getting to know the real person without status symbols like fancy clothing getting in the way. Nudists are young, older, LGBTQ, straight, conservative, liberal, professional, working-class. Nudism brings all kinds of people together.

For More Information

Check out the rest of our site! Then join us via our Membership Page.

If you have any questions/comments, please contact us.